Inter-island travel with the van

When it comes to going places, having your own vehicle can be a big convenience, and I mean not just within the city but for out-of-town trips as well and even for inter-island travels. Yup! We’ve traveled twice between the Negros and Cebu islands with our trusty van. This was made possible with inter-island vessels or barges which regularly travel between these two islands and could accommodate about 10 vehicles (not only cars but big trucks and container vans too).

inter-island vessel or barge

If you have your own vehicle and need to use it in Cebu, then loading it on an inter-island vessel is the best option. It’s really convenient especially if you’re traveling in groups, or if you plan to transport some stuff or go on a shopping spree. Using a bigger vehicle such as a van is more practical too since you have additional space to accommodate the items you bought and there’s the added comfort of bringing more trip essentials like food, plates, glasses, and necessary utensils, pillows, and of course your loads of pasalubong.

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