Cebu Pacific new baggage allowance

Just a quick update…I’m back in the Philippines now. My apologies for not updating this blog lately. My Europe vacation is over but it seems like I’m still on holiday mode. *wink* Anyway, thank God for the safe trip home. I just watched two in-flight movies and spent most of my time sleeping during the long flight. I stayed few days in Manila to meet Mom and finalize some important documents. Going to Bacolod, we flew via Cebu Pacific which thankfully is now serving in a much better and spacious terminal, the NAIA Terminal 3. The downside was their new baggage allowance which caught us by surprise during check-in since we were not informed by the travel agent about it.

Here’s an important advisory for those who will be traveling via Cebu Pacific:
1. Free baggage allowance = 15 kg (instead of the previous 20 kg), for tickets bought starting September 2008.
2. Excess baggage will be charged at Php100/kg (previously at Php50/kg)

It’s always good to weigh your baggage before the trip so you won’t exceed the limit and be sure to carry extra cash with you.

Anyway, I will be posting more photos about my Europe vacation soon. Ciao!

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