Bacolod (Silay) Airport new terminal fees (international and domestic flights) as of February 4, 2009

I’m back! In case you’re wondering where my happy steps took me and why there were no posts in this travel blog for more than a week, well I was in Cebu since February 4. What a hectic week it had been, meeting friends and
going out to the malls. We also stayed in three different accommodations in uptown Cebu. I’ll be posting photos and some information about them on my next post.

Meanwhile here is an important announcement from the New Bacolod (Silay) Airport regarding passenger terminal fees:

Notice To The Public

Effective February 4, 2009, the Civil Aviation Authority of the Philippines, New Bacolod (Silay) Airport will be implementing New Airport Rates (CAAP Circular No. 001-2008) pursuant to the provisions
of Paragraph (k), Section 24, Chapter V of R.A. 9497 otherwise known as the Civil Aviation Authority Act, and as approved in CAAP Board Resolution No. 0158-08…. Amending for the purpose Department of Transportation and Communications (DOTC) Department Order No. 98-1178 Dated 03 September 1998 (Revised Schedule of Fees and Charges for Alternate International Airports and National Airports) CAAP Circular No. 001-2008…

Section 10. Passenger Service Charge.

A passenger service charge shall be paid by each departing passenger traveling in any air transport or carrier in accordance with the following rates except:

1. Children two (2) years old or below, but without any airline ticket
2. Overseas Contract Worker (10.1)
3. Transit Passenger
4. Passenger who was denied entry

Note: Passenger service charge of cancelled international flights is subject to refund within a period of twenty four (24) hours from date of issue.

Facility and Rate:

10.1 International Passenger Terminal – Php 550.00 / departing passenger
10.2 Domestic Passenger Terminal – Php 200.00 / departing passenger

Funny, how my SIL commented about the previous terminal fee at only Php 30.00 for domestic flights during their flight back to Cebu last December 2008. She was wondering how the airport can earn income with such low fee. Well, this announcement is the answer to her question. 🙂

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