Dumaguete, the motorcycle capital of the Philippines

Those new to Dumaguete would be amused to see more motorcycles and scooters than cars on the road. Yup, it’s the main mode of transportation in Dumaguete and I bet every family owns one or more.

The parking areas outside buildings and shops within the city look like outdoor motorcycle showrooms as you see many of them lined up in all sorts of form and color. There are also some shops in the city offering motorcycles for rent.

motorcycles parked outside Silliman University, Dumaguete
Outside Silliman University

motorcycles parked outside Goldilocks Bakeshop, Dumaguete
Outside Goldilocks Bakeshop

While the Dumagueteños consider motorcycles and scooters as their favorite mode of transportation, you’d notice though that most of the riders lack helmets and protective clothing such as jackets or gloves. This entails risk on the road for the riders who seem to be confident riding their big bikes or scooters without any protective gear at all.

Dumaguete street scene
No helmet and protective clothing for this guy, only shades. 🙂

Another important concern for motorcycle owners is protecting the vehicle from outside elements such as rain, sun and dust. Providing a good motorcycle cover is an investment the owner should get. One can choose from many types of motorcycle covers depending on the brand (Kawasaki, Goldwing or Harley Davidson) and usage – waterproof, dust or sun covers. Other vehicle covers are also available, from car covers, truck covers to sports covers and other vehicle accessories.



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