Yellowstone Vacation Packages

Old Faithful Geyser, Yellowstone National Park - Photo credits: National Park in Wyoming, offers a lot of tourist attractions with its varied types of ecosystems. It’s amazing how this national park has about half of the hydrothermal features of the world. Being the first national park in the world and home to the Old Faithful Geyser, the high-altitude Yellowstone Lake, the magnificent Grand Canyon of Yellowstone and the well-known Yellowstone Caldera which is an active supervolcano, it’s no surprise that there are many Yellowstone vacation packages for tourists to choose from. Those who would love to experience a variety of outdoor recreation activities can enjoy these in Yellowstone, from sightseeing to hiking, camping and more.

Yellowstone Trip Planner

To plan ahead and have a good idea about a Yellowstone tour, the Yellowstone National Park Trip Planner 2011 (which can be downloaded at the official park website provides a comprehensive travel guide such as safety tips regarding Yellowstone’s hydrothermal areas, wildlife, high altitude and other concerns. Valuable park information are covered as well, from park highlights & tourist attractions, visitor centers & museums, activities, map, lodging & services, to permits & regulations, camping & weather.

Yellowstone Vacation Packages

To get the most of your holiday in Yellowstone National Park without the hassles of doing the planning yourself, you can readily avail of one of those affordable Yellowstone vacation packages. These travel packages can be customized as seasonal, i.e. summer or ski holidays, as accommodation only, or as an all inclusive deal which already incorporates flights, car rentals, tour guides and other related services.

Grand Canyon at Yellowstone National Park - Photo credits: Jim Bowen (
Grand Canyon of Yellowstone
Photo credits: Jim Bowen (

Old Faithful Geyser, Yellowstone National Park - Photo credits: Steve Jurvetson (
Old Faithful Geyser at Yellowstone National Park
Photo credits: Steve Jurvetson (

There are many Yellowstone travel and tour agents who can customize your vacation for you. Thus, when deciding on a holiday package, it’s best to get recommendations from friends and those who have been there, aside from getting ideas from the park’s official site.

Park Entrance Fees

Entrance fees for private vehicles are at $25 while visitors are charged at $12. More details about the entrance fees can be accessed here. If you’re on a budget, you can schedule your trip to be on Fee-Free Days, these are designated special days of the year when visitors are allowed free entrance, a government incentive to promote travel to national parks. For 2011, the Fee-Free days are: April 16-24 for the National Park Week, June 21 as the first day of summer, September 24 for the National Public Lands Day, and November 11-13 for Veterans Day weekend.

Yellowstone National Park - Photo credits: Aaron Villescas (
Photo credits: Aaron Villescas (

Whether you’re planning for a Yellowstone National Park vacation in summer, a skiing holiday in Austria, or a Prague weekend, you can use the simple travel widget I have included below to help you easily find where to stay.


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