Airphil Express baggage information and rates, check-in and boarding guidelines as of April 2012

If you’re flying with Airphil Express soon, here’s a compilation of the basics you need to know regarding their check-in and boarding guidelines, allowable baggage weight and excess baggage rates, as of April 2012.

Airphil Express is another budget airline and a major competitor to Cebu Pacific, also offering discounted airfare and promos. Just like most low-cost airlines, the fare doesn’t include in-flight meals or beverages and mileage points to make it more affordable to most travelers. Airphil Express prides itself as a budget airline offering Free Baggage Allowance (FBA) of 15 kgs. 10 kgs. for check-in, unlike Cebu Pacific where the passengers need to pay at least Php150 if they are bringing luggage with them.

Airphil Express


Passengers are advised to check in early, preferably two (2) hours before flight departure as Airphil Express check-in counters are already accessible and open at this time and strictly close forty-five (45) minutes before time of departure.

Passengers already checked-in must be at the boarding gate at least thirty (30) minutes before scheduled departure.

CHECKED BAGGAGE (Registered Baggage)

Free Baggage Allowance (FBA):
15 kgs 10 kgs

Excess Baggage Rates (EBR):
Domestic Flights: Php 150/kg (inclusive of VAT)
Singapore Flight: Php 400/kg or 15 SGD/kg

CABIN BAGGAGE (Carry-on or Unchecked Baggage)

All passengers, except infants without an assigned aircraft seat, are allowed one main item as carry-on baggage and an extra small item such as handbag, laptop, or suit pack.

Cabin Baggage Weight: must not exceed 7kgs.

Cabin Baggage Dimensions:
Length: not exceeding 56cm (22”)
Height: not exceeding 36cm (14”)
Width (thickness): not exceeding 23cm (9”)
Length + Width + Height: not exceeding 115cm (45”)

Suit packs should be of non-rigid type and not folded, with dimensions (width + height + depth) not exceeding 60cm + 114cm + 11cm correspondingly.

Airphil Express will refuse items for carry-on or cabin baggage if they do not meet restrictions on the nature of substances and liquids. Also, liquids must be in a container not exceeding volume of 100ml and such liquid containers must be in a resealable transparent 1 liter plastic bag (e.g. Ziploc or similar). Detailed rules set by Airphil Express on items for carry-ons or cabin baggage can be read here.

Additional information on airport security guidelines for handcarried items set by DOTC (Department of Transportation & Communications) on liquids, aerosols and gels (LAGs), e.g. drinks, creams, perfumes, sprays, gels, and similar substances can be read in this article: Airport security check: Items allowed for handcarried baggage (liquids, aerosols and gels)

Aside from complying with above dimensions and weight, each item must be of appropriate size so it can be placed under the passenger seat in front or up in the aircraft cabin’s enclosed storage compartment.


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