Traveling with firearms

Travel enthusiasts who are into shooting as a sport or hobby are likely to bring their guns and related gear along on their trips for an out-of-town event or an exotic hunting expedition. It is a bit of a challenge when traveling with firearms, thus securing proper documents is a must and the passenger should strictly comply with the airline rules beforehand.

For instance, with Philippine Airlines, guns and ammunition are regarded as special baggage, loaded in a designated cargo compartment and considered as part of the checked baggage. These should be securely packed in a tough case to avoid rough handling. It is also recommended to arrive earlier at the airport to allot extra time for check-in as some additional documents and security inspection will be conducted.


Tips for shooters: Equipping Your Brand New AR

The AR has become one of the most popular gun platforms in the world. This unique rifle can be customized with countless accessories to fit your own personal shooting style and needs. If you have recently purchased your first AR, then take a look at some of the add-ons and accessories that will make your rifle one-of-a-kind.

The three basic categories of optics you have to choose from are non-magnifying, magnifying, and iron sites. The ideal optic should match what range you plan on shooting from and the style of shooting you prefer. For those who are undecided, non-magnifying optics offer a good blend of comfort and ergonomics. You can also install canted iron sites that will allow you to quickly switch between ranges.

The front and back grips of an AR impact your comfort as well as your accuracy. More shooters than ever are now adopting unique front grips to give them better control while firing rapidly. Anyone who is not familiar with front grips should try to use different styles before making a decision. Some prefer streamlined angled grips while others enjoy the feel of larger pistol grips. The rear grip will be determined by the size of your hand and the angle of your wrist.

Extra Magazines
Every gun owner should consider investing in a few extra magazines so they are prepared for any eventuality. In addition to keeping your home safe, this will make your range days stress-free. Because an AR can shoot a wide variety of rounds, owners should always double-check to make sure they are purchasing the correct magazines. A 9mm AR magazine looks almost identical to a 5.56×45mm magazine on the outside, but they are not compatible with one another.

Quick-Adjust Sling
Quick-adjust slings are not only affordable, but they will also make your shooting experience much more enjoyable. These slings can easily be altered to fit your frame and style of shooting. In a scenario where you must bring your gun into position quickly, a sling will ensure that you are in the proper stance with excellent support at all times.

The best way to decide which accessories you need the most is to get out and shoot your rifle. As you become more comfortable with the AR platform, you can decide what upgrades will improve your comfort, safety, and accuracy.

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