Prepping yourself up for a holiday trip

Trip preparation not only involves booking hotels and flights. It also entails making sure you are physically prepared for the stress ahead. Yes, it will be your vacation period where you can have fun and relaxation, but getting to your destination can be stressful, from packing up to preparing your travel documents, to surviving tiring flights and long drives, until you finally arrive in your hotel.


Investing in yourself, preparing your excited self, physically and mentally, for that long planned vacation is a must. How about improving your morning routine before your trip? Here are 6 ways to do that:

Research-wise, adults rarely get enough sleep, so they wake up groggy, irritable, and in a generally awful mood. However, there are a few things that you can do to better your morning routine and ultimately refresh yourself, both mentally and physically.

Take a Relaxing Hot Shower

This method of waking up is especially soothing to people that generally wake up feeling stiff and achy. Hot water relaxes your muscles and calms your nerves. Couple that with sunshine and a fresh cup of coffee, and you have the perfect storm for banishing grogginess.

Spritz On Your Favorite Scents

Everyone has a scent they absolutely love, from subtle vanilla, to country apples, or even a few expensive perfumes. Get a bottle of your favorites and spritz on some of those scents. Citrus is a natural stimulant to your senses, so fragrances with an orange or lemon undertone will perk you right up.

Look Your Best to Feel Your Best

When you dress in your best clothes and put your best self forward, you feel awake, alert, and at your best. When you think you look fantastic, you feel fantastic, which is a feeling that can obliterate grogginess and just-woke-up discomforts. It doesn’t matter what you’re doing, from riding in a premier Chicago limousine, to staying at home for the day, you feel your best when you look your best.

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Snuggle Your Pets and Loved Ones

When you are around a pet or someone that you love, your body releases endorphins and serotonin—the hormones that make you feel happy and alert. So, pull your pup or partner a little closer, give them extra snuggles, and hop out of bed with the feeling of love and adoration coursing through your body.

Greet the World with a Positive Outlook

There is no better way to lift your spirits in the morning than thinking positively. When you greet the world with a positive outlook, you set yourself up for every day being a success. It all depends on how hard you try to make it as great as you imagined it to be.

The aforementioned methods to change up your morning routine are great for eliminating the grog and lag of a night’s sleep. Remember that how you feel and look at your day is important. So, above everything else, strive to see your day in a positive light.

When you are physically prepared many days before your trip, you will be ready for those unfavorable circumstances and unpleasant surprises you meet along the way during travel. You are relaxed and can positively manage any situation with grace and poise, and you will enjoy your vacation more and make the most out of it.


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