Sammallahdenmaki, Bronze Age burial site in Finland

Situated in the Lappi district, Sammallahdenmaki is an important Scandinavian Bronze Age burial site and included in the UNESCO World Heritage list in 1999. Thanks to our GPS navigator, we finally arrived at the site (though with a bit of confusion about the road directions) after our tour of Old Rauma. From the highway, we turned right to a winding road with both sides thickly covered by tall trees. What’s interesting about Sammallahdenmaki are the very ancient burial cairns (piles of stones) which date back to 1,500 to 500 BC.

The entrance sign to the burial site with estimated distances to two important cairns: Kirkonlaattia (The Church Floor) at 170 meters ahead, and the Huilun pitka raunion (The Long Ruin of Huilu) after 870 meters.

Want to hike few meters more? By the way, bicycles are not allowed here, and one should be careful to keep away from the slippery moss.

We immediately noticed the beds of light green moss covering most of the ground including the rocks.

A closer view of the moss-covered ground.

Those piles of stones seem to look ordinary yet they’re one of the ancient burial cairns.

Visitors are not allowed to step on top of the burial cairns which are considered sacred.

This crooked tree caught my attention. I wonder how it grew in shape like this?

It was such a serene and quiet atmosphere at Sammallahdenmaki, a place perfect for a retreat… and even if we were on an ancient burial site, it didn’t feel spooky at all; instead it was an afternoon where we experienced the tranquility of nature.

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