Special Travel Feature: Wolfgangsee, Austria by Rainydazeee

Wolfgangsee is a picturesque lake situated in Salzburg, Austria. Along its shores are the municipalities of Strobl and St. Gilgen including the Abersee and Ried villages and the town of St. Wolfgang. It’s interesting to note that the town and lake got named in honor of Saint Wolfgang of Regensburg, as legend has it that he took charge in the construction of the first church in the area.

We’re happy to be having Rainydazeee with us in this special travel feature as she takes us on a virtual tour of Wolfgangsee, with  some info and photos of one of the well-known lakes within the resort region of Salzkammergut. She’ll also share with us her personal insights about travel, some of the countries and cities she’s been to and her top dream destinations.

Family weekend at Wolfgangsee, Austria
Clockwise from left: 1. Stopping by the lakeside, on the way to Wolfgangsee. 2. Some of the buildings at the town center in Wolfgangsee. 3. One of our family pics, taken in Czech Republic.

Q. How would you describe your stay in Wolfgangsee in Austria?

It was summer when we went to Wolfgangsee. We were looking for a place where the whole family can cool off from the hot summer days and Wolfgangsee was the perfect choice. The lake had scenic surroundings of the mountain ranges which was very relaxing. Our kids (3 y/o and 1 y/o at that time) who are both fond of water had a great time playing and wading in the lake.

Family weekend at Wolfgangsee, Austria
Top: 1. The kids having fun at the outdoor restaurant’s playground while waiting for our lunch by the lake. Bottom: 2,3. Wild West play area and my little girl driving a toy truck at a play park in Salzkammergut.

Q. Tell us about some unforgettable moments during your trip.

We initially targeted St. Gilgen. We went there without any advance booking for accommodation as the article we read said that the information centre can provide us with lists of hotels/pension houses available upon arrival but we got there past opening hours. My husband had to call each hotel listed in the brochure with his mobile phone as the public pay phone in the information centre wasn’t working. With his limited knowledge of German language, it was challenging for him to communicate.

Going to the town center - Wolfgangsee, Austria
Going to the town center

It was already getting late at night, and most of the hotels we called were fully booked, fortunately he finally found one but it was on the other side of the lake. It was already past 9 in the evening when we checked-in.

Q. Any travel tips for those planning to visit Wolfgangsee – trip preparation, itinerary/schedule, must-see places, things to do, etc?

Always book in advance especially when traveling with kids and during peak season. It can save you a lot of stress! Get important information from the Wolfgangsee official website.

Camping site by the lake - Wolfgangsee, Austria
Camping site by the lake

Lake Wolfgang is surrounded with picturesque areas suitable for a walk along the lake, or a hike up to the mountains. You can also take a ride on boats, trains, cable cars to enjoy the view. We have two small kids so our activities were limited to a stroll in the market, dip in the lake and a visit to a playground.

Q. Which countries/states/cities have you already traveled?

I’ve been to some sights in the Philippines like Cebu, Bohol, Manila, Subic, Boracay and just recently (May 2012) we went to see the Underground River in Puerto Princesa, Palawan and also the historical Corregidor Island. I’ve been to Thailand and have visited temples and gone shopping in Bangkok and immensely enjoyed their spicy and delish cuisine.

Few years ago, we toured Berlin and Vienna with my family from the Philippines. In Berlin, I got to see some of the famous landmarks such as the Brandenburger Tor, Berliner Dom, Reichstag Building, Schloss Charlottenburg and Checkpoint Charlie. In Austria, we saw the Hofburg Imperial Palace, Stephansdom, and other tourist attractions. I’ve also seen some famous sights in Helsinki, Pori and Turku (in Finland), and had a very short trip to Sweden where we spent few hours touring Stockholm then Skansen, an open-air museum.

And being based in Czech Republic, gave me the chance to see the architectural treasures of this country. You should see Prague, the capital city for its many architectural gems, and also other famous sights such as Cesky Krumlov, Kutna Hora, Karlštejn Castle to name a few.

Serene view of Wolfgangsee Lake, Austria
Serene view of Wolfgangsee Lake

Q. What are your dream destinations?

Venice looks dreamy with the city settling in water. A ride on a gondola while admiring its architecture would be awesome and romantic. I also want to visit Rome. Being a Catholic, it’s my wish to step on the grounds of The Holy City and also see St. Peter’s Basilica, the Sistine Chapel, and the art works of famous artists like Michelangelo and Raphael, all of which I only get to read about back in my Architecture college days. Must see the Colosseum too! And not to forget Paris with its art, fashion, food and sights that will surely tickle my senses. These cities are within easy reach from my current location, but I have to wait till the kids are big enough so we can really enjoy the places.

Q. What are your personal insights about travel and going places?

There’s always excitement whenever I go to a new place, whether it’s just a block away from my neighborhood, or destinations much farther from home. I think it’s not knowing what’s coming that makes travel thrilling. And there’s always something beautiful/special in each place I’ve visited.

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