Planning and packing tips for moving or relocation

Sorting out stuff and packing them up for moving to a new home or office can be such a stressful task, particularly if you have a lot of things lying around in your current place. We have experienced such predicament when we moved back to our home town, leaving behind the apartment where we stayed for about 18 years. You can just imagine all the stuff our family accumulated during those years. We rented a truck for the trip and the move was not really an organized and well-planned one, we just stacked up and crammed everything at the back.

For those about to move or relocate, it’s best to get help from the moving experts to experience a stress-free and smooth transfer. These moving companies provide their clients with a team who can assist in the planning, packing, transport and unpacking process.

A street along Old Rauma, Finland

During planning, you need to assess all your stuff, sort out which ones to keep or discard. Some items that you’d like to keep but don’t need yet at your new place can go to a self storage unit which you can rent for a small fee. Such units are secure and can be accessed anytime; this is where you store some of your extra stuff so your new place will not be crowded. Planning for the move includes deciding on your type of transportation, the moving company (if you decide to hire one), the size of self-storage unit (optional), the day, time and other details.

When packing, sort out items according to size. If possible, disassemble big items such as furniture and clearly put labels on the bags where the corresponding screws are placed to avoid mix-ups. Put all stuff in labelled boxes so they can be easily searched and sorted out during unpacking. Be sure to use storage boxes made of sturdy material as these are usually piled up during transport. Fragile items should be carefully wrapped per piece and labelled as such. Inside the truck or van, the bigger items should be put first, then the smaller ones to fill up the remaining spaces. Secure some big items with rope or anchor if needed.

Planning carefully for the move and packing up wisely will ensure a smooth and hassle-free transfer to your new place.

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