Your pup is always on vacation at a luxury dog hotel

You do not have to worry about your pup when you leave him at a dog boarding facility during your vacation. Your dog is treated to plenty of love and five-star amenities. The luxury amenities range from cozy kennels to gourmet treats. Every day is like a vacation when your dog stays at a luxury dog boarding facility such as the Paw Print Inn.


Here are several amenities that make every day feel like a vacation for your dog.

Your Dog Is In a Relaxing Environment

Your dog may feel anxious about staying in a different place for several days. This is why your dog is given a warm welcome the minute you walk through the door. The staff uses soothing background music and climate-controlled surroundings to create a relaxing environment for your dog.

All Kennels Are Comfortable and Cozy

A dog boarding facility such as the Paw Print Inn offers Club and Signature Suites. Every suite features a raised pet cot and gourmet bedtime biscuit, but the Signature Suite does feature several additional amenities. The Signature amenities include an in-suite television, glass privacy doors and sound-proofed walls. All kennels are large enough to accommodate multiple pet families, and your dog is placed in a appropriate sized suite to ensure his safety.

The Staff Takes Care of Your Dog Daily

The staff ensures your dog is always taken care of during his stay. There are several amenities that keep your dog on a daily routine, and this includes the morning and afternoon play sessions. Your dog also receives three tasty meals and four potty breaks every day. The facility offers both dry and canned food for your dog, and you can provide your own food and treats for their special diet. The daily housekeeping ensures the facility is clean and healthy enough for all dogs.

You Can Choose Extra Amenities

You are welcome to choose extra amenities at a small fee to create a luxurious vacation. The amenities include a brush and massage, private play session, bedtime story and treats and toys. You can even choose to have photos of your dog emailed to you.

Your dog deserves to go on their own vacation when you are out of town. A luxury dog hotel makes sure your dog receives the care he needs and the five-star amenities he deserves.

Photo by Adam Grabek on Unsplash

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