Travel tips: Hotel television use

Going on a tour not only involves spending most of the day sightseeing, afterwards it is also nice to unwind in your hotel room with your favorite movie or tv show on screen. Here are some tips to help you out with hotel television use.

Garden Villa accommodation at La Vista Highlands at Don Salvador Benedicto, Negros Occidental

If you’re bringing your laptop, don’t forget to have an A/V cable in your bag. Some hotels not only have TVs in their rooms but some provide free wireless internet. You can connect your laptop with the A/V cable to the hotel TV and access more entertainment choices such as internet streaming on a bigger screen or watching movie with your laptop as DVD player.

If you’re traveling with kids and don’t want them to get hooked to video games, you can inform the front desk staff to disable this option before your kids can have access to them. Oftentimes, these video games even result to additional charges to your hotel bill.

Traveling with small children can be challenging, especially letting them sleep on time. If you don’t want to miss your favorite TV shows while on vacation, it is best to book a hotel room with division for separate sleeping beds for the kids, so they can rest without distractions and have that comfortable homey feel even in an unaccustomed place.

Top television crime shows to watch while on vacation

True crime enthusiasts love hearing about cases and crimes that happened in California and across the country. After checking out local news Van Nuys television stations and reading crime reports in the local paper, you can hear even more about some of those cases and others that shocked the world via a few television shows. These shows air on popular networks and are available for streaming too. Some cover missing persons cases, but others focus on murders and other crimes. You’ll want to check out some of the top shows to hear about cases you never read about before.

Who the Bleep Did I Marry

This fun and interesting show features cases involving something with a dark and usually deadly past. It originally started with stories that focused on women who married men and later found out a troubling secret about that spouse. The show expanded to include men who married or dated dangerous women and then to include cases involving dangerous bosses and family members. Each story included an update at the very end that lets you know what happened to those involved in the case.


Those who like reading and learning about people who went missing will love this show, which spends an hour on a single missing person case. It featured major cases over the years like Maura Murray, who went missing after lying to her college professors and surviving a car crash on a dark and desolate stretch of road. The show occasionally features lesser known cases and attempts to provide updates whenever possible. Some cases actually end with the person featured on the show found alive and well.

The Hunt with John Walsh

John Walsh became a spokesperson for missing children after someone kidnapped and murdered his own son. Walsh hosted America’s Most Wanted for a number of years and helped find dangerous criminals on the run both inside and outside of the country. His new show usually features between one and three cases in each episode and focuses on all types of criminal cases, including arson, kidnapping and murder. Each episode ends with an update or with a number that viewers can call with any tips they might have.

No matter what type of crime interests you, you can watch any of these television shows and hear about cases that you’ll want to discuss with other true crime enthusiasts.

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