Three easy ways to keep an outdoor party going after dark

When planning a birthday party or any other type of party, you might decide to hold one earlier in the day when the sun is out and there is more light available. Many parties that start outside often move inside as the temperature cools off and the light fades. If you’re like most people, you probably don’t want guests hanging out inside because you don’t want to spend time cleaning and getting the space ready. When you use some easy ideas for an outdoor party, you can keep those guests outside after it gets dark.

Start a Fire


Starting a fire is a great way to keep guests outside. The fire provides some warmth on a cold night and also provides some ambient lighting. Depending on where you live and your guests, you might throw a bonfire and start a massive fire in your backyard, but you can also set up a fire in a small pit that you buy or build. Consider bringing out some marshmallows and letting guests roast sweet treats at the end of the night.

Hang Lights


The right lights can help your guests see and also create the right type of mood for your party. Hanging lights are great for those who have poles or trees that they can hang the lights from, but you may need to purchase a few extension cords to power those lights. Camping lights and lanterns are another option. You can use those that run on batteries and let guests turn the lights up and down as they need. Some parties could benefit from the addition of patio heaters that produce both heat as well as a small amount of light.

Use Accents

Consider bringing in some accents lights like those you use with your favorite games. Cornhole lights are just one option. These lights actually fit inside the holes on each board and help players know which targets are worth the most amount of points. While you can buy lights that are all the same color, you can also select lights in different shades to give the boards a more festive look. Similar lights will work with any other outdoor games that you want to play. With a small or large fire, some lights around the patio and yard and other accents, your party will come to life when the sun sets.

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