Fun Animal Based Attractions for Kids in Florida

Animals bring about a sense of excitement and wonder within children. For most kids, animals are some of their closest friends, whether it be their dogs, cats, or rodents at home. Animals teach children to love and respect others regardless of differences; and seeing animals in their natural habitats is absolutely mesmerizing and magical for the children. For the next family vacation, try incorporating some fun animal attractions in the trip itinerary!

The Everglades

The Everglades are absolutely gorgeous, especially for children. This preserve is an expanse of protected wetlands that is teeming with majestic animals that will excite them. Perhaps they might see a beautiful American Crocodile on the hunt, or an endangered Leatherback Turtle patrolling its favorite swimming spot. This protected area allows children to see their favorite animals as they exist in the wild, rather than in a man made zoo. While zoos can be fun, they simply don’t offer the same experience.

Photo credits: Swim With Manatees Tours

Photo credits: Swim With Manatees Tours

Watching the Manatees

Manatees are very unusual animals, and that is what makes them so exciting! These amazing gentle giants are aquatic mammals, and very intelligent. The manatee tours Florida are an exciting day adventure for children, and parents could enhance the trip by gifting their children memorable shirts or cute stuffed manatees. The tours help children to understand how the manatees live, what they eat, and how they interact with one another.

Hunting for Dolphins

Taking a trip out onto the ocean could be a shocking new experience for a child who has never been out to sea; imagine adding dolphins to the mix! Dolphins are revered as beautiful, smart, and loving creatures. Some attractions even allow children to touch the dolphins or swim with them. On a dolphin hunt, children can ride a boat and use binoculars to “hunt” for the beautiful creatures as they leap from the sea. Dolphins are very playful animals and children love to admire their playful antics from the ship.

Rather than taking another simple trip to the beach for fun in the sun and sand, parents can organize a fun filled wildlife adventure for children that are fascinated by animals. These types of trips truly bring out the loving curiosity within children, giving them beautiful memories that will last for a lifetime. One never forgets seeing their first dolphin or manatee!

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