Punta Bulata Beach Resort information and tips – Part 2

Continued from Punta Bulata Beach Resort information and tips – Part 1

Punta Bulata

5. If you’re staying at Ayu Spa, the resort hotel, and have kids with you, choose their Japanese-styled rooms in the ground floor. The bed can be separated as two mattresses on the floor as what the staff suggested. Very child-friendly and safe indeed, baby C and little R-jed had fun playing on the bed.

6. Breakfast for two is included in all accommodations (Beach Cabanas, Beach Family Suite, Hillside Cabana, Aircon Tent, Turtle Van, and Ayu Spa hotel rooms) except for the Aircon
Bus, Beach Casita and Hillside Casita.

7. The resort does not allow food and drinks to be brought in except for the Beach Casita and Hillside Casita guests. They’re strict about this. They have a restaurant serving snacks and meals and offers open air dining which has a nice ambiance during evenings. Meals start at Php100++.

8. If you intend to cook or have some food preferences, then your accommodation should be in any of these two casitas which are best for a group of 6 or less and those who want to save on food expenses. These two accommodations are located farther from the main resort accommodations which was what we liked since it gave us more privacy.

9. The Beach Casita and Hillside Casita units have a simple kitchen with stove and sink, except for a refrigerator. What we did was bring marinated pork and grilled it for lunch the day we arrived. Our meals then were mostly canned goods, fruits and food that didn’t require being put inside a refrigerator such as eggs or noodles. We also bought with us dining and kitchen essentials such as plates, spoons, forks, knife, can opener, dishwashing soap, etc.

10. Just in case, bring extra cash for additional expenses such as dining, spa services or kayaking and other beach activities.

11. The resort accepts major credit cards and cash payments should be in Philippine Pesos.

Punta Bulata

Initially we planned on booking rooms at the hotel for all of us, but since we were advised that we cannot bring in food except at Beach Casita, we decided to have two hotel rooms plus the Beach Casita instead. This is what the staff suggested. So those who stayed at the hotel just go to Beach Casita for snacks and meals. With this setup we saved much on dining expenses.


Privacy. You have the beach all to yourself especially at the shoreline fronting Beach Casita. Maybe because there were not much resort guests during our stay.

Spa services. Two thumbs up from Mom for their full body massage. They also have Finnish sauna and other spa services.

Different types of accommodations to choose from. They have the hotel rooms and many types of beach cabanas, take your pick.

Long walk along the shoreline. This was what we enjoyed during our latest stay. It was low tide so we had fun walking along the beach until we reached the edge of the shoreline where it’s full of rocks and blocked by a high cliff.

Punta Bulata
One, two, three… JUMP! Stopping by for a pose during our walk by the shoreline.

Punta Bulata
Finally we reached the rocky end of the resort. We were happy to have walked this far.


Some rooms and units needed to be upgraded and maintained.

Guests are not allowed to bring food (even chips and snack foods) except for Beach Casita and Hillside Casita accommodations.

Gate entrance is not so welcoming to guests. You’re greeted with a closed solid gate and walk-in visitors who want to just take a look at the place are still required to pay the Php100 entrance fee even if they decide not to stay.

Rough secluded road about 1 km before you reach the resort. This could be intimidating or discouraging for first time visitors.

Punta Bulata
A group pose by the entrance before leaving the resort.

More information and photos on resort accommodations and pricing can be browsed here. For reservations and additional queries, you can contact Punta Bulata or visit its booking office in Lacson, Bacolod City.

Punta Bulata White Beach Resort & Spa
Address: Cauayan, Negros Occidental, Philippines
Bacolod Booking Office: +66 34 433 5160 (landline) / +66 920 9003558 (mobile)
Email: info@puntabulata.com

Website: www.puntabulata.com
Distance from Bacolod City: 152 kms.

Photo credits: Aileen of dviewfinder.com

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