Cebu Pacific baggage information and rates, check-in and boarding guidelines updated as of November 2011

Planning to book your flight via Cebu Pacific? I have compiled a list of helpful information for this budget airline’s domestic and international flights regarding baggage (hand-carry and check-in), Prepaid Baggage fee, Excess Baggage Rate, Airport Bag Fee, Baggage Reinstatement Fee, and rules for check-in and boarding times.

This is an updated post as of November 2011. Note that Cebu Pacific has done away with their former GO Lite package (no check-in baggage at Php100 less) and GO Fare package (regular fare with free baggage allowance of 15 kgs). Instead they launched their Lite FARE option effective April 2011 as a starter package for their fares, with no check-in baggage at the lowest cost.

Yes, Cebu Pacific no longer offers free baggage allowance, but guests can avail of Prepaid Baggage options during ticket purchase. Upon booking, all fares start with the default Lite FARE option (no checked baggage), and if the passengers opt to carry with them baggage for check-in, they can purchase prepaid baggage from among the four (4) options (small, standard, medium and large) at corresponding rates. An Airport Bag Fee is applied for passengers with Lite FARE tickets who brought with them baggage for check-in, similar to the Baggage Reinstatement Fee for those who purchased the previous GO Lite packages. Scroll down below for more details on updated rates for Prepaid Baggage Fee, Airport Bag Fee and Baggage Reinstatement Fee for domestic and international flights.

Cebu Pacific aircraft at the Mactan International Airport - photo by bortescristian (

Cebu Pacific aircraft at the Mactan International Airport - photo by bortescristian (

Before your trip, make sure to weigh your baggage as it really pays to know beforehand. Refer to the allowed weight and size for handcarry (details below). If you have bags and luggage for check-in, decide on which prepaid baggage weight option is the best for your trip’s needs so you won’t end up paying more than what’s actually required.

During the booking process, don’t choose the Lite FARE option (no check-in baggage) if you are not sure about bringing a checked baggage or not. Otherwise you’ll have to pay the airport bag fee (details below) should you show up at the counter with a baggage for check-in. This penalty fee when added to your Lite FARE would cost you more than the regular prepaid baggage fees, so better decide wisely about checked baggage issues when buying tickets.


Check-In Counters:
OPEN: Two (2) hours before flight departure
CLOSE: Forty-five (45) minutes before flight departure

A confirmed booking shall be cancelled and released to waitlisted guests if you fail to check-in within the prescribed time.

Boarding Gate:
BE THERE: At least thirty (30) minutes before flight departure
CLOSE: Fifteen (15) minutes before flight departure

Guests not at the boarding gate at the prescribed time will not be allowed to board the aircraft.


Prepaid Baggage (scroll down for the rates for domestic and international travel outlined below):
Small – up to 15 kgs.
Standard – up to 20 kgs.
Medium – up to 25 kgs.
Large – up to 30 kgs.

Hand carried baggage:
• Only 1 allowed
• Dimensions
56cm x 36cm x 23cm for Airbus flights
56cm x 35cm x 20cm for ATR flights
• Allowed weight
Free 7 kgs (allowed weight) on ALL FLIGHTS (except going to Caticlan/Boracay)
Free 5 kgs (allowed weight) for ALL Caticlan/Boracay FLIGHTS

Items determined by Cebu Pacific personnel to be of excessive weight or size or of an offensive nature will not be permitted on-board.


Effective March 1, 2011, all domestic and international travel will have the following Excess Baggage Rates (EBR):

Domestic Travel (point to point and through sector)
PHP 150 per kg (inclusive of 12% VAT)

International Travel (point to point) Sector and Rate per kg
Manila to Hong Kong: PHP 300 / Hong Kong to Manila: HKD 30
Cebu to Hong Kong: PHP 300 / Hong Kong to Cebu: HKD 35
Manila to Osaka: PHP 600 / Osaka to Manila: JPY 2000
Manila to Singapore: PHP 400 / Singapore to Manila: SGD 15
Manila to Bangkok: PHP 450 / Bangkok to Manila: THB 320
More destinations here…

International Travel (through sector – Domestic to International and International to International and v.v.) Sector and Rate per kg
Philippines to Hong Kong: PHP 300 / Hong Kong to Philippines: HKD 35
Philippines to Indonesia: PHP 600 / Indonesia to Philippines: USD 15
Philippines to Japan: PHP 600 / Japan to Philippines: JPY 2000
Philippines to Korea: PHP 450 / Korea to Philippines: KRW 12000
Philippines to Singapore: PHP 400 / Singapore to Philippines: SGD 15
Philippines to Thailand: PHP 450 / Thailand to Philippines: THB 320
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International Travel (through sector – international to international) Sector and Rate per kg
Hong Kong to International: HKD 35
Indonesia to International: USD 15
Japan to International: JPY 2000
Korea to International: KRW 12000
Kuala Lumpur to International: MYR 30
Taiwan to International: TWD 150
Saigon to International: USD 10
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For travel effective April 1, 2011, the following are the prepaid baggage options available for purchase:

Domestic Travel (point to point or Domestic to Domestic through sector)
Small (15 kgs) – PHP150
Standard (20 kgs) – PHP250
Medium (25 kgs) – PHP400
Large (30 kgs) – PHP700

Note that the maximum allowed checked baggage to/from Boracay (Caticlan) is 10kgs at PHP150. That means, when going to the beautiful island of Boracay, one needs to travel light. No huge bags and luggage please. Maybe if you will be on one of those luxury package holidays to Florida, then you can pack more stuff on your luggage. 🙂

International Travel (point to point or domestic to domestic, international to international through sector)
Small – PHP150 / USD 9 / SGD 10
Standard – PHP250 / USD 12 / SGD 15
Medium – PHP400 / USD 20 / SGD 25
Large – PHP700 / USD 25 / SGD 35
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Domestic Travel (point to point or Domestic to Domestic through sector)
PHP400 (15kg baggage allowance)

International Travel (point to point or Domestic to International, International to International through sector) at 15kg baggage allowance
PHP 600
HKD 115
JPY 1200
THB 455
USD 15
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For travel effective April 16 2009, the following fee shall be assessed upon check-in to guests who availed of GO Lite discount and yet brought checked-in baggage at the airport :

Baggage Reinstatement Fee (in local currency)
Philippines: PHP 400
China: CNY 60
Hong Kong: HKD 70
Indonesia: USD 9
Thailand: THB 300
More destinations here…

Note that standard excess baggage rates shall be charged to the guest if the baggage allowance of 15 kgs that comes with the Airport Bag Fee or the Baggage Reinstatement Fee is exceeded.


To our dear readers, please be informed that this website is NOT AFFILIATED with Cebu Pacific Air. The information posted in this site is provided just to give a general idea and may not anymore be updated or applicable to your current need. If you have other concerns not discussed in this post, you are advised to please obtain the latest information by visiting the Cebu Pacific website at

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