Holidays in Taba Heights

If you are looking for delightful cuisine, spectacular scenery and so much more then Taba Heights is the location for you. Set at the base of some beautiful mountains and with many hotels overlooking the Red Sea one glance is enough to make you see why people return here year after year for their holidays. Taba Heights is one of the most up and coming tourist destinations that the Red Sea has to offer.

A holiday in Taba Heights is ideal for anybody who wants to enjoy a relaxing holiday with lots of beautiful scenery. Being located at the highest points of the Sinai Coast you will be greeted by warm weather and beautiful skies for many months of the year with the summer usually being the best months to visit if sun worshipping is your favourite holiday activity, however, if you do visit at other times of the year then there are still amazing excursions that can be enjoyed all year round, whatever the weather, such as visiting the Dead Sea, St Catherine’s Monastery, Mount Sinai, Petra and Jerusalem. You will find lots on offer here if exploration is something that interests you.

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If rest and relaxation is enjoyable but not necessarily something you want to spend your whole holiday doing then considering some of the more exhilarating activities on offer such as quad biking through the desert, riding a camel, driving in a jeep safari across the bumpy desert terrain and much more! You can take part in water sports, diving and snorkelling while here also and you should be able to find a diving school to help you get your training up to date before you explore the depths of the ocean. The coral reef here is a particularly beautiful area to have a dive and get to see some of the amazing marine life that Taba Heights has to offer.

You will find a wonderful little shopping central area in Taba Heights with shops and bars just waiting to be visited. There are lots of lovely little souvenirs on offer and you will be able to snap yourself, or a friend, up a lovely memento from your holiday or something beautiful that they may just cherish forever. Getting to this area need not be a problem as there is a free shuttle bus that operates in this area and stops at numerous hotels, the local diving school and the central shopping location.

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Golf is another fantastic activity to take part in while in Taba Heights and you will find a championship 18 hole golf course that is environmentally friendly with its ability to absorb salt water being just one of the ways that the costs are reduced and the local area is cared for in the process. Infact you will find, in general, that the area here is kept wonderfully clean and is very well looked after with lots of local hotels having initiatives to save water, wood, energy and much more meaning that they are able to run their facilities for less money and with a significantly reduced carbon footprint.

Flying to Taba Heights need not be a chore with airlines operating flights from London Gatwick, Manchester, Birmingham and other airports. You can find direct or indirect flights available and there are a number of different package holidays on offer if Taba Heights sounds like the place for you.

Wherever you travel from and whatever time of year you arrive you will be sure of a delightful holiday in Taba Heights. There are several well known companies operating hotels here and the resort is absolutely magnificent with everything you could ever need just a few hours flight from your home but basked in glorious sunshine!

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