Weekend breaks

I love day trips during weekends that let me experience being with nature. A trip to a nearby beach or resort would do. Even if it would be just for a day, nothing beats that feeling of being renewed and refreshed when one is amidst nature’s beauty. Most families look forward to being together during weekends. For those with kids, a trip that encourages learning is best, such as visiting zoos, national parks and landscaped gardens.

Gibbs Gardens in North GA

Gibbs Gardens in North GA (Photo credits: www.gibbsgardens.com)

In North Georgia, an upcoming destination for weekend trips with the family is Gibbs Gardens, located at the base of the mountains. The estate gardens will be open to the public on March this year, making it another choice for North GA Destinations. Imagine 220 acres of gardens beautifully landscaped and developed, providing serenity and relaxation for its visitors as they are treated to refreshing views of various plants and flowers in different colors and shapes in 16 venues and surrounded by a low-density forest.

Guests would surely appreciate the creatively designed garden venues inside the Gibbs Gardens which highlight four feature gardens – Japanese Gardens, Water Lily Gardens, Daffodil Gardens and Manor House Gardens. Aside from seeing thousands of colorful blooms, guests can take a stroll among the many streams and reflecting ponds. Landscaped gardens such as these provide the ideal venue not just for day trips and events but for weddings as well.

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