Mauritius Island Educational Tour

About Mauritius

Where is Mauritius?” One may ask. The beautiful island of Mauritius is situated off the southeast coast of Africa, and offers a mix of rich historical background and interesting present-day features for its visitors, making their stay a truly enjoyable one. Mauritius climate is tropical, making it a top tourist destination during winter. More than appreciating those picturesque Mauritius photos, one would be definitely pleased studying about the island’s past as well as appreciating it in the present. Thus, it won’t be just a fun vacation but can be considered as a Mauritius Island educational tour. Yup, it’s best to go beyond the facts, and take that trip, instead of just limiting one’s self to studying a map of Mauritius.

Blue Bay, Mauritius - Photo by by reibai (

Blue Bay, Mauritius

Mauritius, officially known as the Republic of Mauritius, was first discovered by the Portuguese around the 15th Century, but they did not settle for long. It was then inhabited by the Dutch, followed by the French and finally by the British who later gave them independence in 1968. These periods of settlement from the Europeans influenced and uniquely shaped the country to what it is presently.

St. Geran Entrance, Mauritius - Photo by Tiger Samurai (

St. Geran Entrance, Mauritius

Mauritius Language and Culture

The Mauritians are mostly multilingual. The majority of the population fluently speak Mauritian Creole, English and French. English is considered the official language, particularly for government and business functions, while most of Mauritius news and media announcements are in French. Tourists would find it even interesting as they can readily distinguish the difference between Mauritian Creole from the Creole language used by some of the Americans.

Mauritius cuisine is something to look forward to as well, considering the multicultural array of best-loved European, Chinese, Indian, and Creole choices presented together. Now that would truly make one’s holiday in Mauritius a remarkable one. An important local product, the Mauritian rum, is a popular savory treat that visitors should try.

Mauritius beach - Photo by cyanopolis (

Mauritius beach

It would also be interesting to learn and appreciate Mauritian folk music and native dances. At the heart of their native music is the fascinating mix of percussion and metal instruments used. Visitors to the island will also enjoy watching their folk dances, as a visual and cultural treat. For a more contemporary entertainment, Mauritius horse racing is a popular tourist attraction for sports lovers.

Mauritius Vacation as an Educational Tour

Travel is both a fun and learning experience for all of us who are ‘students of life’. A trip to Mauritius Island is ideal not just as a fun vacation but an educational one as well. Among other fascinating facts, one thing that makes Mauritius unique in world history is that it was the only place where the now-extinct Dodo bird could be found. The island is also one of the first producers of postage stamps in the world.

Pamplemousse Gardens, Mauritius - Photo by Tiger Samurai (

Pamplemousse Gardens, Mauritius

One can fully appreciate Mauritius by going there and experiencing its beauty and culture first hand as not many other tourist destinations offer such unique educational and cultural travel experience both for adults and kids.

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