Egypt holidays

Holidays in Egypt present a unique mix of fun and adventure not just for those new to traveling but even for the pros. As there’s been an increase in tourists visiting the land of the pharaohs, travel agents offering Egypt holidays are expanding their services by adding supplementary tourist activities and experiences including more options for hotels and accommodation.

The Giza Pyramids, Egypt - photo by Bruno Girin (

There’s always something for every traveler to Egypt, from Cairo to Sharm El Sheik or Luxor. Those who are into adventure tours can do sand-boarding in the desert or scuba diving in the Red Sea and other active sports. For tourists who prefer a relaxing vacation, they can customize their Egypt holidays to include one of those Egypt Nile cruises or going on beach trips.

Nowadays, more travel companies are offering all-inclusive travel deals, making it more affordable for tourists looking for cheap holidays to Egypt. These holiday packages already include airfare, accommodation and guided sightseeing tours.

Egypt offers a variety of ancient destinations and picturesque landscapes. Visiting this country won’t be complete without seeing the famous pyramids, the Giza Sphinx and the numerous historical landmarks which are relatively accessible from Cairo. Personally, these ancient historical attractions are the places I would prioritize visiting should I be going on an Egypt sightseeing tour.

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