Special Travel Feature: In Pursuit of Snow at Benecko

Making a nice funny snowman, sledding, and most of all, using the ski they got as gifts last Christmas were just some of the reasons my super energetic kids were longing for snow! It was winter then, the season they’ve been waiting for, unfortunately, we barely had any snow here in Prague. So we took time off when my daughter had a school spring break for a week and it was the perfect occasion for a family escape to the mountains of Krkonoše in pursuit of snow.

A Snowy Vacation in the Mountains

Our home for 5 days of winter fun was in the town of Benecko, in the Liberec Region, about 140 km from Prague. This winter resort is situated high on the ridges of the Krkonose Mountains and is a popular destination for skiing enthusiasts due to its location and diverse terrain. The place is not just a winter destination, however, as it also offers many options for enjoying summer such as hiking, playing golf, horseback riding, cycling and other outdoor recreation activities.

Peaceful and scenic snow scene in Benecko, in the Liberec Region of Czech Republic
Peaceful and scenic snow scene in Benecko

We left on a Sunday after lunch. By the time we got there, it was beginning to get dark but our exuberant kids hastily changed to their snow suits after we checked in the pension house and ran out for their fill of snow fun!

Benecko Na Spici
Benecko Na Špici, our home away from home

Our accommodation was half-board, meaning breakfast and dinner included. Our room was quite big with 1 king size bed and a bunk bed for the kids. It had its own toilet and shower, and if not for the gigantic unused crib parked in our room, we would have a big enough space for dancing.

Benecko Na Spici
Inside our cozy room, little bro was getting ready for some outdoor action

Ski Lessons for Little Beginners

Monday to Wednesday, we were out in the ski area learning how to ski. Well, at least the kids did. They were both first timers and started at the beginners’ slope which had a moving ramp to take them back to the top. You can hire instructors or put them to ski school but my father-in-law and his friend were there at the first day to teach and assist the kids. It was fun to see very young children probably 2 or 3 years old skiing fearlessly!

Skiing lessons at Benecko in the Liberec Region of Czech Republic
Learning to ski for the first time

Our daughter learned quite fast after few hours but little brother thought it was more fun to tumble to the ground. By the second day both kids were confident and doing well already, yeah even little bro. My girl was already skiing at the longer slope and by the third day she enjoyed going at the jumping slope.

Skiing lessons at Benecko in the Liberec Region of Czech Republic
Good job going through the igloo obstacle!

Skiing lessons at Benecko in the Liberec Region of Czech Republic
Getting ready to ski down

I really admire how kids in general can learn quickly, and how fearless and determined they can be. Made me wish I was a kid again.

Making a snowman at Benecko in the Liberec Region of Czech Republic
Wait a minute… is that Olaf? But you need to put on his eyes and carrot nose fast!

A kiddie igloo at Benecko in the Liberec Region of Czech Republic
Come inside our new house!

Family vacation at Benecko in the Liberec Region of Czech Republic

Thursday was time to head home. We were all tired but at the same time thrilled and happy that the kids already know how to ski. Next winter they might ask for more challenging slopes to ski on!

4 Helpful Travel Tips

1. Stay warm! Wear the necessary winter gear especially if you’re staying outdoors for a long period of time.
2. Pack your own food/snacks and bring a thermos with warm drink, it will come handy when the kids get hungry.
3. Bring cash or verify in advance with your chosen accommodation if they accept cards. We didn’t know our pension house wouldn’t accept payment by card. It was a hassle coz we weren’t prepared and the nearest ATM was a bit far.
4. It’s better not to include meals in your accommodation so you will have the freedom of ordering what you really like to eat. Our dinner meals were a hit and miss. We just had to rely on what they serve. I didn’t like that I can’t choose what to eat. Breakfast was fine though. One couldn’t go wrong with the usual breakfast offerings.

Our few days in Benecko was such a relaxing trip – just being with the family, learning new skills, having the chance to unwind and have fun out with nature.

Family vacation at Benecko in the Liberec Region of Czech Republic
Benecko, we will be back for summer!

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