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We all dream about the annual summer vacation. We also save a lot of money for this yearly event. After all that time, money, and thought, you don’t want anything to spoil your vacation get away. Whether you are planning a romantic excursion, a family road trip, or some “me time,” you can use the following tips to help make your time away the best it can be.


North Dakota Badlands Hiking


Eating every meal in a restaurant can sound exciting and hassle free, but living off of fast food and greasy diner fare can wreak havoc on your vacation. Although one nice meal out each day can be lovely, you may want to think about packing some food along for others. Eating items that you are used to having each day will keep your digestive system on track and help you avoid any upset stomachs. Many people tend to skip the fruits and vegetables while vacationing and end up paying for it later.

Dining in Gdansk, Poland

Tom Yam Goong (Spicy Shrimp Soup)

Tom Yam Goong (Spicy Shrimp Soup)


You have probably done your research to make sure the resort you have picked includes a pool, fitness center, and other amenities that will make your trip special, but have you taken the time to check on safety? Don’t be afraid to ask an establishment about their evacuation plans in the case of disaster or safety precautions they have in place throughout the grounds. Staff should include certified lifeguards and those with tower rescue training from schools like Texas Rope Rescue in high rise locations.



Go ahead and pack that swim suit, casual shorts and t-shirt, and fancy evening wear, but don’t forget the basics. The biggest mistake vacationers can make is to not have the proper footwear. Walking around an amusement park or hiking trails in flip flops can leave your feet so sore that you won’t be able to enjoy the rest of your trip. Jackets and coats suitable for all types of weather are a must as well. Three in one jackets are ideal while vacationing.


By using the above tips you can make sure that your annual summer vacation goes smoothly without any unexpected headaches. A little pre-planning is all it takes to ensure that the time, money, and effort put into your get away pays off.

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