Dealing With The Reality of Timeshares

We’ve all heard plenty of stories about the great sales romance that can go into the process of selling a timeshare. Companies that offer these properties for sale have incredible expertise in showing these condominiums at their best, highlighting the incredible advantages that owning a timeshare can bring to a person. These sales pitches are usually made in lavish dinners set at the timeshare’s locale, usually in an exotic area like Hawaii or Vegas or even by Disney World.

A picturesque beach scene in Maldives

A picturesque beach scene in Maldives

According to the very polished sales people who set up these pitches, owning a timeshare will bring you an endlessly lavish lifestyle as your timeshare increases in value, and you rack of plenty of perks that can be cashed in later for European vacations, trips to luxury spas, etc, etc. Right.

The Problem With Timeshares

Though owning part of a timeshare can be a pleasure for some people, there are a few issues associated with timeshare ownership that don’t seem to come up when the major sales pitch is being thrown out. For one, it is a “shared” place, which means it may not always be available during the times an owner wants to use it, like over the holiday season. The other issue is that there isn’t much flexibility regarding the ownership, as far as how to get rid of timeshare option.

A beach at Paia, Maui - Photo credits: belindah (

A beach at Paia, Maui

Some people have found that while they enjoyed a timeshare for awhile, over time, as families have grown and changed, the ability to take time off and travel to the timeshare may become limited. In these cases, many owners have found the payment of yearly maintenance fees a burden, as they are just not using the place very much. For many people, getting rid of the timeshare has proved difficult, as the legal wording in some contracts has made it very tough to sell and move on.

For all these reasons there are now companies dedicated to helping people negotiate the legal hassles of getting out of a timeshare agreement much more easily. For all those who have been through the expense and frustration of dealing with timeshare ownership, the new companies couldn’t have come along too soon.

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