4 Alternatives to Hotels

If you enjoy traveling but want to stay in something other than a hotel, there are many lodging alternatives that will likely suit your interests. Some of these facilities offer more personal experiences and greater freedom than what many hotels provide. Here are some great alternatives to hotels.



Although many hostels are similar to hotels, there are some key differences that might be appealing to you. Instead of having a private guestroom, you’ll be staying in a room with other travelers. Some hostels have separate twin beds in each room while others feature bunk beds. Staying in a hostel will give you the chance to meet different people from around the world and make new friends. Plus, many hostels will let you stay for much cheaper than you’d pay at a hotel. Most hostels allow guests of all ages to stay and aren’t just designated for youths.

Garden Villa accommodation at La Vista Highlands at Don Salvador Benedicto, Negros Occidental

Private Homes

Many homeowners rent rooms or their entire houses out to travelers. In some cases, you can have an entire house to yourself while the owner is away. Staying in a private home will give you a homier feel while you expand your horizons. One of the biggest advantages to this option is that you likely won’t have to put up with a lot of noise from rowdy guests. You’ll also be able to cook your own meals in the home’s kitchen and wash your clothes without having to go to a laundromat. If you want to say in a home for free, the owner might ask you to do some housekeeping or other work around the house in exchange.


A little cabin in the woods might be just what you need to have the vacation of a lifetime. Many Broken Bow cabins and cabins located in other areas are adjacent to vast wilderness areas that you can explore. In addition to being close to hiking trails and birdwatching areas, certain cabins sit next to golf courses. Reserving a lakeside cabin will be perfect if you enjoy partaking in activities like swimming, boating and fishing. Some of the best cabins are equipped with flat-screen TVs, wood-burning fireplaces and fully stocked kitchens. Certain vacation cabins even have their own hot tubs and outdoor fire pits.

Photo credits: Beavers Bend Log Cabins

Photo credits: Beavers Bend Log Cabins

Sacred Spaces

Believe it or not, there are convents, monasteries and Jewish guesthouses around the world that rent rooms to travelers. Some of these places don’t even charge to stay in their rooms and only request suggested donations. Meals are also sometimes included. Religious institutions that rent rooms to guests are located throughout much of North America, Europe and Asia. You might have to obey a strict curfew and keep noise levels down to a minimum, but the money that you’ll save on lodging and the experience of it all will be worth it.

Staying in a hotel doesn’t always have to be a necessity when you travel. If you’re willing to think outside the box and look around, you’ll be able to find many great lodging alternatives that suit your lifestyle and budget.

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