Learn German as you Explore the Alps this Summer

With the world getting smaller each day, what with newer methods of communication evolving, it is no longer enough to know just one language especially for those who love to travel. English, although one of the most spoken languages across the world is now up against languages like French and German. Be it a traveling businessman dealing with international companies or an art critic appreciating a piece by a French or German painter, it always helps to know the language they speak. For better communication and understanding, knowing the person’s language and culture is very important. There are enough misunderstandings between native English speakers not to mention that between other languages.

Germany has been at the forefront of the international market. The European continent has always offered lucrative deals to the rest of the world. The Germans gave us the BMW & Rolls Royce after all! So if you are thinking of which language to learn, German would indeed be a suitable option. Now that you have taken the first step, why not take a German course in Germany itself? A vacation combined with a productive activity does sound good.

Berlin day tour: Reichstag building

ESL is one such institute providing courses on foreign languages worldwide. They have the best German teaching schools meant both for adults and teenagers. To surmise, ESL would take care of all your needs starting from visa worries to accommodation during your stay in Germany. Not only will they take care of your German course, but also the amazing extracurricular activities around as their German schools make sure that no one is ever bored. Germany has one of the friendliest people around and the exotic location of the country offers the best places to visit.

Alexanderplatz, Berlin, at night

From old architectural buildings and museums to the vibrant colors of the German metropolitan cities like Berlin, Germany is guaranteed to be a tourist’s delight. From the cosmopolitan Hamburg to Cologne filled with cathedrals and churches, not to mention the beautiful castles that take you back in time, Germany offers the right mixture of the past and present to her tourists. Taking up a course in German would only further help you understand the history and culture of this country.

Located close by is the exotic land of the Alps—Switzerland. Geneva prides itself as the headquarters of the Red Cross as well as the European HQ of the UN. With the high and mighty Alps and cities like Geneva and Zurich, no one would want to miss out Switzerland while on a trip to Europe. A German course in Switzerland, where German is one of the official languages would be as good as taking up a course in Germany.

Switzerland - photo by Fr Antunes (flickr.com/photos/franciscoantunes/)
Switzerlandphoto by Fr Antunes (flickr.com/photos/franciscoantunes/)

So pay a visit to Europe and get to explore the exotic countries like Germany and Switzerland and pick up a new language while you are at it. ESL awaits your presence in their German schools. The picturesque villages of Zurich beside the serene waters of the Lake Zurich or the small town of Lucerne in Switzerland have the perfect ambiance for both the student and the tourist in you. It’s definitely a great travel idea to enrol and learn a new language while enjoying your vacation and letting the scenic Alps take your breath away.

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