Things you should know to have a safe and fun camping trip

Being out with nature and having a tent are what most would think about when it comes to the subject of camping. How about being aware regarding the other trip essentials involved with sleeping outdoors? Read on and learn more about the other important stuff needed so you can have a safe and fun camping experience.

Planning and preparation

Plan your meals and pack up your food wisely for the duration of your camping stay. Go for canned goods, biscuits, noodles and other non-perishable types of food. Stock up on water and drinks as well. If you do bring some fresh meat for cooking, be sure that these are handled and consumed first to avoid food wastage.

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Get your flip-flops, water shoes or slip-ons ready as these will be useful and convenient when moving around the campsite. Most camping facilities include bathroom and shower rooms, and wearing protective footwear in the shower area is important to keep yourself from foot infections.

While most camping experts advise to bring just the basics and pack sensibly, you may want to bring a bit of your favorite things just to keep your spirits up. For instance, your child’s stuffed toy may be considered as a luxury item for campers but you know this will keep him snuggling happily in his sleep inside the tent.

In the campsite

As soon as you reach your camping area, your priority is to immediately look for wood and collect enough for your camp fire. Acting on this as soon as you arrive will ensure that you have what you need before it gets dark as it will be much difficult to find and collect wood when night-time is approaching.

Camping site by the lake - Wolfgangsee, Austria
Camping site by the lake – Wolfgangsee, Austria

You may opt for a portable campfire unit though, for instance, a propane-powered one. Camp fires don’t necessarily have to be prepared from wood. If your campsite allows the use of such portable units, bringing one may be a more convenient option.

Keep your group updated of each other’s location. Make sure to inform others where you plan to go. In case of accidents or unfortunate situations, it will be such a relief to know that your companions will find you soon and help will surely be on its way.

Be respectful of the environment and have a thorough clean up of your campsite before you leave. Be considerate of the next camping group and carefully remove any trace of your stay. Remember that aside from humans, there are also other living creatures (animals and insects) that permanently reside here.

Camping is definitely more than just sleeping in a tent out in the woods or mountains. Keep in mind and apply the practical planning tips, safety precautions and environmental concerns outlined above so you can have a safe and fun camping trip, enjoying the Great Outdoors with family and friends.

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